This is Patrick

Hi friends! Hope you are having a productive and good start to the week. Yesterday was a super lazy day (I didn’t even reach 2000 steps on my Vivosmart) so today I would like to introduce you to Patrick.

Not this Patrick.


This Patrick.


Patrick is the very creepy maniquin in our lab. He is always there. He is always watching with his absurdly long eyelashes, perfectly manicured eyebrows and heavy guyliner.


I had to turn him away from my station so he’d stop looking at me. See?


I do not understand how he stands as he has some ankle issues.


Cankles? Elephantitis? Not sure but I’m worried…

Shirts never fit him quite right since his manboobs pecs are a bit odd.


Oh Patrick. The lab wouldn’t be the same without you watching over it.

Keep it cool.

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