Huntsville Sprint

The family that tri’s together stays together!!


Last weekend, my dad, brother and I all did the Huntsville Sprint Triathlon. Which, tbh, was a SUPER sprint. It was a 400 m pool swim, 7 mile bike ride, and 3.1 mile run! Obviously it went by really fast.

Since it was a pool swim, they seeded us (our race numbers) by our estimated time to finish the swim. Idk what I put down but I was number 3 O.o I am definitely NOT that good of a swimmer and I definitely have not been in the pool since April for a while. Andrew, who is very in shape, was number 29 and my dad was number 225.

Here I am looking rather unsure about the swim portion. I was right to be nervous, I swam the last 300 m backstroke #embarrassed #IWasPassedALot

Here’s Andrew getting started!

Aaaand I couldn’t find a picture of Dad, so here’s what he probably looked like during the swim 🙂

Final Swim Times:

Andrew – 7 min 25 s    Amanda – 9 min 55 s     Dad – 11 min 56 s

-These include the rather lengthy run to transition

Transition 1: Swim to Bike

Andrew – 2 min 8 s     Amanda – 1 min 27 s     Dad – 1 min 58 s

So we were off on the wonderfully flat and short bike course!

Note the intense look / realizing I am waaay out of shape look on my face. So attractive.

Andrew doesn’t have a bike so he used my dad’s old bike (from the 80s for you bike aficionados). And with no fancy gear, he still beat me and dad. Ugh. Stupid fit brothers. So proud.

Aaaand here goes Dad!! Glad they actually got a picture this time 🙂

Final Bike Times

Andrew – 23 min 1 s   Amanda – 23 min 34 s   Dad – 23 min 45 s

^ We were so close together! ^

Transition Bike to Run Times

Andrew – 1 min 3 s     Amanda – 2 min 20 s     Dad – 2 min 12 s

^I was kinda disappointed in this transition cause I couldn’t get my shoes on quickly 😦 For reference, my T2 is usually somewhere 1 min to 1 min 30 s

And last but not least we had a super flat off-road run that was 2 loops around a pond! At this point Andrew had left me for the sharks….#siblinglove

Here he is coming in to the finish!

Here I am demonstrating my ability to levitate and my uncanny habit of running like a gazelle. Seriously, ask anyone, I look like a gazelle when I run. Idk why a gazelle but that’s the animal everyone uses.

Here’s Dad not walking! And obviously still having a great time 🙂

Since Andrew and I finished with some time to spare, I got some pics of Dad coming in to the finish!


Now this was supposed to be a 5k run…….but my watch ended at 2.8 miles and Dad’s ended at 2.7… I think it was a bit short 🙂

Final Run Times

Andrew – 19 min 35 s     Amanda – 23 min 02 s    Dad – 29 min 59 s

We all finished!! WOOOOOOOOO!!

Finish Times

Andrew – 53 min 10 s

Amanda – 1 hr 0 min 16 s

Dad – 1 hr 9 min 48 s

Andrew got 4th in his age group and I got 5th in mine! (Could’ve gotten 3rd if I had remembered how to put shoes on in T2…..ugh) Note: there were approx 15-20 people in our age groups.

We had a great time and spent the rest of the day watching Game of Thrones and drinking beer 🙂 Recovery is the best





Hi there!

Posting has been a bit sparse lately but that’s because of things! Exciting things, not bad things. One of my best friends, Jenna, came into town last week for a visit!

I was so. excited.



We lived together for 2 years at Mississippi State and both majored in Mechanical engineering so yeah we bonded.We also had team spirit!

(circa 2009?? 2010?)

She now lives in New Orleans so visiting is rare, but that makes it so much more special.

We spent a lot of time actually hanging out in the College of Textiles at NC State cause we are both *cough* nerds *cough* and we like fabric/textiles/and cool things like that. Beyond that most of our time was spent just catching up and hanging out. Which, in my opinion, is the best kind of friend time you can get.

So here are more pictures of us having fun!





Even Steve was allowed to hang out with the girls #privileged

After she left, I took the dogs down to ‘Bama for a triathlon!! Which you shall hear about tomorrow 🙂