The Waiting Game

Waiting sucks.

Especially if you’re an eternally impatient person like me.

Especially especially if you rely on deadlines to get things done like me.

I have quite a few projects that I’m working on at any given time and I like it. It keeps me busy and prevents boredom (when you get tired/frustrated with one project, just move to a different one for a bit!)

But on every.single.project I’m currently playing the waiting game. Meaning, I’m floating in this weird space where there’s a lot that needs to get done, but I’m stuck waiting on others.

I have 3 paper drafts that need to be submitted to journals: I’m waiting on professors to give their feedback

I have a sweat wicking project: Waiting on the spinning lab (which is running behind) to finish some new yarns to test

I have a knitting project: I need help with some software and everyone who is able to help is wrapped up in other projects and does not have time right now

I have a heat spreader project: Waiting on a guy in Switzerland to get back to me on a material I need that may or may not exist

I have an energy harvesting project: Waiting on the new student to fix the code for the app so I can resume human trials

There are other deadlines, but they are too far out to be motivating.

So my current grad school work consists of bashing my head in frustration on the nearest hard object….and grumbling about the cold and rainy weather we’ve been having.

Honestly this is part of it. There’s an ebb and flow in grad school and I’m most definitely stuck in a purgatory of nothing.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m looking forward to the end of the semester so I actually have things to do….sheesh!

I wish this post were a little more upbeat but yeah….this is what’s actually going on and I like being honest. And in the spirit of being honest, this funk is really affecting my mood. I despise feeling useless and that’s all that’s going around right now. So not only am I frustrated from not having things to do, I’m also frustrated that my finances are shit (so I can’t go do fun stuff cause fun stuff costs money), and my mood was on the rebound and now I’m frustrated that I’m frustrated which in turn makes me a pretty grumpy person. And apparently a rambling person as well….

I’m really hoping things pick up soon…

Here’s a puppy pic to close out this post because PUPPIES



Sometimes I Do Stupid Shit: Part 2

Hello. My name is Amanda and it has been 0 days since I last correctly followed a recipe.

It always starts out so innocent…

“Ooooh this looks good! Let’s make this!”

(while cooking)…”Ya know what would go good in this? All the random shit in our fridge!”

(high fives self)

(makes giant mess because of putting too much food in one small pan)

“That was a stupid idea”

Rinse and repeat. I have a problem and I BLAME YOU MOM!!! (not really but kinda ­čśë )

Who thinks running 2.5 miles, eating 12 stale Krispy Kreme donuts, and running another 2.5 miles sounds like a good time??

Spoiler alert…it’s really┬áreally not a good time


Running isn’t too bad, it’s just 2.5 miles and a flat course. Not to mention, the donuts!!

(grabs donut box) “Let’s do this!!!”

Donut 1/2 (smooshed together for efficiency): WOAH these are super stale!

Donut 3/4: Who puts this much glaze on a donut!? OMG it’s too sweet and the glaze isn’t coming off with water and my hands are sticky and gross. *Discovers that dunking donuts in water makes them much easier to eat* WHAT IS THIS A CUP FOR ANTS?!? (mashing donuts in tiny water cup)

Donut 5/6: (hating life) I can’t eat any more…..must…..finish…..half……dozen……… (makes it to all of one bite left and then cannot take any more, mouth is rebelling, may vomit) <-note: did not actually vomit

Stand up, drink water and start running back to Steve with the remaining 6 donuts.

Finish. Regret.


Has meeting in 10 min.

“Ooh I’ll run one more simulation before going down!”

Starts simulation

30 min later




In other news, I chopped my hair off! No ponytails for a while but my headband game is pretty strong.

This wasn’t really a stupid decision cause I like the haircut, but I did decide on chopping it off while sitting in the salon getting my hair dyed which was probably not the best way to go about that decision…..


I genuinely have NO idea how to end this post so….

The End.