Hi everyone!

As of today this blog is 1 year old! So cute XD

Steve and I started this with the intention of recording all the little adventures that we have had but can never actually remember because we can’t remember shit.

We are so happy you are here and hope that you find at least some of these antics amusing!


The most popular post thus far has been…

This is Patrick!

I am 99.9% sure that most of these views came from spambots so a huge shout out to them for selecting our winner

Other popular posts include:

My hatred for Matlab

and apparently you guys don’t like Adulting either. I’m glad we can agree on that

In other news, here’s a sleeping puppy with a smooshed face


a margarita


a box (PhD education y’all)


and my cooking style = alcohol


Steve and I are heading to Miami tomorrow for our industry meeting which isn’t that exciting since we’ll be stuck in a conference room 10hrs/day.

But I do see more margaritas in our future 🙂

December in a Nutshell

or Nutcracker if you insist on being holiday-themed.

Twas the night before Christmas and finals are over….

Papers turned in, and finally sober…


Ok I forgot how the rest of the story goes, but maybe I’ll finish it over winter break 🙂

Anyways, as aforementioned, finals are over! Undergrads are leaving the campus in droves and parking now exists! This post is just going to be all over the place and that’s cause I haven’t taken a whole lot of pictures lately

Because imma nerd and I like to pretend I’m funny…


Caption: And they say white people have no culture

Hilarious right!?! Are you laughing hysterically yet?? Ummmm yeah ok then.

Steve informed me that he has never experienced having a real Christmas tree for the holidays! So obviously we have to go all out this year and leave our artificial tree in storage. We went to a local Xmas tree farm so we could cut our own tree! In hindsight, this was not the best idea for several reasons 1) we have 2 psychotic dogs 2) Steve is sill recovering from knee surgery 3) small children and psychotic dogs don’t mix

We managed to find Charlie Brown’s tree!


And while we seriously thought about it, I wanted Steve to have the full tree experience so we chose this guy instead


Note: We grossly underestimated the size of our apartment and picked a very fat tree. We can no longer access our office

In the research world I managed to make myself super confused, like usual, and the process of trying to un-confuse myself actually made the situation worse.


Having 4 different math-ing programs open for one problem is totally normal right?? I did eventually figure it out, but I still get kinda confused and am hoping no one asks me about how I found the solution cause I still don’t know.

In the dog world, Luna is getting bigger! And by that we mean she’s still a tiny 20 lbs. She is reaching the stage where she can still slip through the rails on our deck to escape into the wilderness, but her return trip has taken a sudden turn for the worse



*The indignant look on her face kills me 😀

I shall return soon with more of The Night Before Chistmas-University Edition

There’s no good alliteration for ‘busy Thursday’

Just a quick check in to say hi today!

Steve and I both have some pretty packed schedules today, so here are some senior portraits that I took of the dogs yesterday.


Pretty sure this one should be in Indy’s modeling portfolio


The darker the dog, the brighter the reflection (apparently?!?)


A picture is worth 1000 words. Personalities on point.

Seriously look at this crazy…


and then this not-impressed I’m just chillin…


Hope you have a great Thursday!!

Sometimes I Do Stupid Sh*t


We’re having a lazy Sunday morning over here (the best) after a pretty full week of everything.

Inda and Loony and Indy and  Luna and I  went out to the greenway back by the old Wench house on a rather gray day so the dogs could get out some energy.


Pretty sure this is what Pooh and Piglet would look like if they were dogs!

It was pretty eventful since Luna, who HATES water, tried to follow Indy across a creek and got herself stuck.  Rather than helping her, which is what kind and normal people would do, I sat there, laughed and took a short video of her trials.

Don’t worry, she figured it out and is safe and sound and was only a little traumatized from the water.

I also hit up the library for some quality people watching paper writing time. Also I needed to try out some of the other kooky chairs. Priorities y’all .


Then, Steve and I decided to go work out. Smart idea right?? Wrong.

Since it’s been a while since we’ve visited the gym, we both tried to make up for lost time by working out extra hard. Bad idea.

I ran so hard I gave myself heartburn and other gastric issues. Apparently 9mph is pretty fast?? Steve overdid it on the leg press and strained his knee a bit. I was going to do a bit of strength training after the run but couldn’t function/breathe so I went and sat in the sauna until I could walk around without dying.


This is my “Oops WTF did I just do” face.

We grabbed some beers with Matt and Lisa decided to not move again for the rest of the night.

How was your weekend festivities?

What do you mean it’s September??

I mean really?!? There is absolutely no way it can be September already right?

September means….

Back to school

The start of pumpkin spice everything!! (how did this become a thing?)

And my fall half marathon/full marathon training starts again

I’m getting ready to run the USA San Diego Invitational Half Marathon (they really need to shorten that name) coming up in November. And, as seen above, I’m following Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Half Marathon training plan, free training plans FTW!

I started up yesterday with a treadmill sesh at early o’clock in the morning for 3 easy miles (target pace 9:00 min/mile). Luckily I had some frog friends to keep me company




They are super teeny frogs in the top left window pane and the one right below that, I have named them Fiona and Fred

I finished up in 27:43 for a 9:14 min/mile pace which wasn’t too bad considering how little I’ve run and how sleepy I was!

Anyways, Steve is getting better every day and Luna is getting bigger every day! I swear she could fit in my hand last week…


Although Steve is making a lot of progress we still have some rough days (this was from a few weeks ago when we made yet another trip to urgent care, it’s a really awesome place for a date)


Look familiar??


Hopefully he’ll feel well enough to help me drive to Alabama for Labor Day fun this weekend.

I gotta go work on homework while drinking a pumpkin spice latte now…Cheers!