How do you get motivated when you have no motivation?

Adulting is hard….cleaning, showering, exercising, working, paying bills, eating, and it just never stops.

Adulting is hard..I hate adulting


I’ve been pretty lazy about this whole half marathon training thing. I’d like to completely blame it on the fact that I may or may not be able to afford the trip out to San Diego to the run the thing in the first place. It’s hard to stay motivated to genuinely ‘train’ for something when you’re not sure you’re even going to run it!

But, because we’re being honest here. I’m going through a bit of a lazy spell. The motivation to work out every day just isn’t there. Hell. The motivation to shower and cook and survive every day just isn’t there either.

Trigger warning about depression and possible spelling errors ahead.

Can’t medication be a magical cure all?? Seriously, that just needs to happen. The alternative is just too much work. It’s really frustrating when everything is going great and your life is chugging along like The Little Engine That Could and then all of a sudden your sweet childhood book looks something like this..

Not gonna lie, August was a little rough in the PhDeviant household. Puppy + ACL surgery + Last min trips + start of school = a household just trying to make it through each day in one piece. A whole month of that usually results in forgetting how to return to functioning normally.

Aaaaaaaand that’s exactly what happened.

So much energy was spent on making sure each day was accomplished that now that the pressure is off, my brain is kinda off in no-mans-land

My instinctual response to winding up on a deserted road is to resort to ‘depression-state’ or the lesser known ‘lack of motivation state that leads to depression state’.  Either way, it’s not awesome.

The best thing to do at this point is to just continue on with life as though nothing is different and the motivation will come back at some point I think.

To end this post on a happier note, here’s a Calvin and Hobbes quote because those are awesome



What do you mean it’s September??

I mean really?!? There is absolutely no way it can be September already right?

September means….

Back to school

The start of pumpkin spice everything!! (how did this become a thing?)

And my fall half marathon/full marathon training starts again

I’m getting ready to run the USA San Diego Invitational Half Marathon (they really need to shorten that name) coming up in November. And, as seen above, I’m following Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Half Marathon training plan, free training plans FTW!

I started up yesterday with a treadmill sesh at early o’clock in the morning for 3 easy miles (target pace 9:00 min/mile). Luckily I had some frog friends to keep me company




They are super teeny frogs in the top left window pane and the one right below that, I have named them Fiona and Fred

I finished up in 27:43 for a 9:14 min/mile pace which wasn’t too bad considering how little I’ve run and how sleepy I was!

Anyways, Steve is getting better every day and Luna is getting bigger every day! I swear she could fit in my hand last week…


Although Steve is making a lot of progress we still have some rough days (this was from a few weeks ago when we made yet another trip to urgent care, it’s a really awesome place for a date)


Look familiar??


Hopefully he’ll feel well enough to help me drive to Alabama for Labor Day fun this weekend.

I gotta go work on homework while drinking a pumpkin spice latte now…Cheers!