The First Post

It’s still somewhat the start of a new year, so let’s just keep rolling with that theme shall we? New year… blog….you get the idea. The idea for this has been in the works for some time now, but during the adventure that was our anniversary dinner last night, Steve and I decided to just go for it. Cause why not?

Cause, let’s be honest, reminiscing about 2014 reminded me of just how much happens in a year and how much gets forgotten (awesome dinners, cool day trips, little ins and outs of the day). So here we are. Grad school. Running adventures. Crazy dog stories. Dating. Recipe wins. Recipe disasters. Travels. All documented for the world to see 🙂


Last night was our 1 year anniversary dinner (a day early but who’s counting) at The Melting Pot.


We had made reservations for 8, and, as usual, arrived early. Gah. Maybe one day I’ll get timing down. Until then I shall be perpetually freakishly early to everything. Yes. I’m that person. Anywho.

So we get there. Get a table. Look at the menu. Aaaand nothing. Nada. We sat there for 23 min (yes I counted because I’m hungry and impatient) before Steve flagged down someone and asked who our server was. While we never did figure out who was supposed to be the server, Roddy took us on and grabbed us a bottle of wine and tried to turn on the burner. I say tried because, as adventurous dinners go, it didn’t work. Sooooooo then we moved tables, got a burner that worked (yay!), and had a fantastic rest of the evening made even better by the free bottle of wine as compensation for the rough start to dinner 🙂