A Day In The Life

What a day!! Wow. I don’t think I actually sat down until nearly 6pm!

Since I was more than a little hectic and was too busy sprinting from building to building to take any pictures of today, I’ll do a ‘day in the life of’ post for today. (everyone get excited)

Let’s start with what I had planned (since this usually drastically differs from what actually happens):

  • 1 hr swim
  • 50 min bike
  • Industry luncheon
  • Meeting with my advisor
  • Meeting with an industry member
  • Give armband to Jason to mail

Not bad right??

(if you are a grad student reading this and are giggling hysterically because you know what’s about to happen then know that I am deliriously laughing with you)

Now let’s move on to what I did today….this is in schedule form for my sanity

  • 6:30am – wake up and decide that my “morning” swim can be done in the afternoon brilliant
  • 8:30am – arrive at work and see that an email was sent out this morning about a seminar occurring in appox. 1.5 hrs. cool. still have time to kinda chill and wake up a bit. also see industry meeting for the afternoon was finalized to start at 2:30pm just like planned. awesome.
  • 9:00am – go into lab to do some final testing on armband
  • 10:00am – grab coffee and head over to the next building for the seminar. realize that you’ll have to leave the seminar early and there are no aisle seats. great.
  • 10:23 am – seminar starts late. hope it’s not about something I need to know about
  • 10:24 am – shit. the seminar is relevant to my interests and I still have to leave early
  • 10:30 am – receive text from friend I haven’t seen in a while. wants to go out for dinner/drinks to celebrate his birthday. I come to the realization that one workout will probably not happen today.
  • 10:55 am – sprint back to other building and grab notebook and armband to show advisor in meeting
  • 11:00 am – advisor thinks armband looks great (YAY) wants more modifications done before shipping armband (WTF PANIC)
  • 11:01 – 11:57 am – speed walk with advisor as we traverse the textiles building looking for supplies to complete armband modifications. don’t have all supplies. need to go to fabric store today.
  • 11:57am – shit. need to be at industry luncheon in 3 min in other building
  • 12:01 pm – arrive at industry luncheon slightly out of breath with no clue what’s going on
  • 12:30 pm – be told that local news will be filming our research at 1:30 and that we’re expected to be there
  • 1:17 pm – luncheon wraps up. find out that film crew arrived early. sprint back to textiles building to notify advisor and grab demos
  • 1:30 pm – get volunteered by advisor to be interviewed (of all the days to not wear makeup and dress like a bum…ugh)
  • 1:50 pm – realize that it’s a 25 min commute to industry meeting and the film crew shows no signs of wrapping up
  • 1:55 pm – sprint to textiles building to grab purse
  • 1:56 pm – sprint back to film crew to grab demos/armband
  • 2:02 pm – get stopped on the way to the car and need to chat for a min about diversity in the center/when the armband will ship out
  • 2:06 pm – grab a coke zero from the office fridge because good god I’m thirsty and am in desperate need of caffeine and the water bottles are out of reach
  • 2:16 pm – start 25 min journey to meeting at 2:30. phone decides to not get signal and lose all forms of connectivity forcing me to restart it while driving so I can actually know where I’m going
  • 2:25 pm – get stuck behind the ONE PERSON ON THE INTERSTATE GOING 45 MPH WHEN THE SPEED LIMIT IS 70 MPH with no time to pass him before the exit
  • 2:26 pm – reach exit and send slow person silent curses
  • 2:32 pm – pass gas station and realize that my car is basically out of gas
  • 2:36 pm – arrive at industry meeting
  • 4:00 pm –  leave industry meeting (which was longer than expected but useful) and fill up my car
  • 4:30 pm – arrive at fabric store
  • 4:59 pm – back on campus
  • 5:05 pm – decide I have enough time before dinner outing to make the necessary modifications to armband
  • 5:28 pm – finish armband modifications. realize there is definitely no way I can get both workouts in. realize I’m going to be late to the dinner
  • 7:00 pm – 2nd BEER YAAAAAAAAAAY 2nd BEER
  • 8:30 pm – get home to let the dog out and feed her and change into bike gear for trainer workout
  • 8:45 pm – begin 50 min bike trainer workout

Ok, I got tired just typing that, but that, unfortunately, is a fairly typical day in my life. Balls to the wall crazy. Last min meetings. Total chaos. Yep.

It’s now 11:30 at night and I’m going to bed. See ya tomorrow!

Training Update 3: Oops

Hi friends! How’s your Monday so far?

I’m back in the lab working on sewing and building prototypes and the like. Super fun. The effervescent Patrick is keeping me company 🙂


So stylish!!

So here’s my update for all the training I’ve done over the last 2 weeks……aaaaand yeah. It’s not a lot. Shit happens ya know? The first week, grad school was difficult to keep up with and I was constantly exhausted. Last week, little bro was in town and since I never get to see him, I prioritized.

  • Miles run: probably 8? idk
  • Miles walked: a lot
  • Campuses Toured: 3
  • Miles biked: yeaaaaaaahhhhh about that….20? maybe?
  • Yards swum: over 3000!
  • Flip turns mastered: like 1/4 of them
  • Times where I’ve only started running because someone else was on the greenway and I needed to look cool: all the time….16? more?
  • Signs high-fived: 6 (I have to high-five a sign before I can turn around on a run….it’s the little things ya’ll)
  • Bugs accidentally eaten: stupid gnats
  • Bugs purposefully eaten: none, I’m not that gross. yet.

I’m not going to go into much detail like the usual posts about what I did for each workout because I skipped approximately 80% of them. Oops.

I will take the time to remind myself you guys that it’s ok to let life take over. Seriously. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN. Unless you are a pro, training isn’t your job. It’s a hobby and you need to prioritize. There’s no use beating yourself up over skipping a week, or two, of training because you needed to focus on other aspects of your life.

Balance is more important than training. Balance your job, family, friends, training, etc. It’s harder than it looks, and I most definitely don’t have it together. Could I have probably made time for training? Sure. But I decided that sleeping and spending time on work/and family was more important. And I definitely don’t regret that decision.

I still feel slightly guilty about missing so much of my workouts, but I’m trying not to let it get me down. I just pick up the training again this week. NBD.

Whelp! Gotta get back to work, so today’s a bit of a short post. Hope you have a great Monday!

Life as of Late

Hi guys!

Wow. It’s been like a week since I’ve posted! My bad y’all. Things have gone kinda crazy over here in anticipation of our yearly site review from NSF (National Science Foundation).

Not to mention, my little bro, Andrew, was up for a bit looking at colleges! Steve and I wanted to make sure he had a blast and so we did all sorts of shit we thought a 17 yr old would enjoy. BTW, I am so out of touch with what is and is not cool these days. He was here for 3 days and we looked at 3 universities. Not bad right?

He flew in to Charlotte (a 2.5 hr drive from Raleigh) Monday night at 10pm. We got back to Raleigh around 1am and crashed hard!

Tuesday was North Carolina State University, NCSU, tour day. Since this is where both Steve and I go to grad school, we were able to show him all the nifty engineering labs and the cleanroom.


I like to pretend I’m a wimpy astronaut in this getup. It doesn’t really work though.

Steve, on the other hand, feels right at home in his cleanroom suit since this is where he does research!


We also toured the Hunt library which is the COOLEST LIBRARY EVER!! Seriously, if you’re ever in the Raleigh area, try to check it out. Trust me on this. There are robots. And lots of cool chairs.


(Look Mom, he smiles!!)

We walked all over campus and got the campus ice cream. We were still pretty tired after the early morning late night return. So, after grabbing sushi at Sushi Blues (which I didn’t take a picture of since we inhaled 6 giant rolls) we chilled at home and watched part of Jurassic Park.

Wednesday was Durham day! Andrew and I grabbed lunch in Durham and my uncle gave us a tour of the Duke campus for the remainder of the afternoon. Even though Duke is a fairly small school, we walked for a solid 2.5 hrs. Ow. After grabbing dinner, Steve and I rushed Andrew over to the most fun teenager activity we could think of….go kart racing! Not the dinky go-carts that you see everywhere. These are outfitted with 200 cc engines and get some serious speed!


Why do I always get the pink helmet…whatever. Andrew’s fastest lap was around 33 seconds. Not shabby for a first time! (The super fast guys can do a lap of the track in about 28 seconds)

Thursday seemed to be Andrew’s favorite (I’m totally guessing here).  The lovely roomie, Lisa, took us on a tour of University of North Carolina Chapel Hill! While touring the physics building, we decided it’d be a good idea to see if anyone was around to give a tour of the building/talk about the program/idk. We lucked out and got to talk to the physics department head for a while and then his grad student gave us a tour of the physics labs! So cool. Like. OMG I may have chosen the wrong profession. Except for all the math. I think I’ll stick with my easy engineering math 🙂

After the UNC tour, Steve and I took Andrew to the other most awesome thing we could think of for a teenager. A pro hockey game! With fights! And crazy hockey fans!j


Except there were no fights (boo) and the area wasn’t super packed. BUT the Hurricanes won! 5-2 which was pretty sweet if you ask me.

Since we had to do the whole Charlotte drive thing again at 3am (WTF MOM?!?) we came home and got a quick 5 hrs of sleep before hitting the road.

We had a blast and it was a ton of fun touring all the campuses and eating all the food and doing all the fun things!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a training update (fair warning, it’s pretty embarrassing) <– also, I misspell this stupid word every time…does that happen to anyone else?

Dog days and dog years

Hi everyone! Another weekend has come and gone and I’ve run the farthest that I’ve ever run again. Nine miles yesterday! I have a 10 mile run next week and then two weeks of relative rest until race day!

This post is mostly about Indy though so let’s get to the important stuff 🙂

wpid-20150315_152226.jpgIndy has really developed a love for people furniture but she also can really tell the comfy stuff from the not-so-comfy stuff. For instance she really doesn’t like the basement couch even though it comes with a matching chair. On an unrelated note, anyone want to buy wonderfully comfortable matching couch and chair?

That picture of Indy was from Thursday or Friday I think. Afterwards we decided to go out for sushi at a place we’ve recently discovered in northish Raleigh called Kai sushi and sake bar. They have a three roll special for $24 which is not a bad price at all and they have some unique rolls that they served to us on this excellent fish dish.

wpid-20150320_200158.jpgThis weekend was Indy’s birthday. She’s four years old now, making her around 28 in dog years. She still hasn’t settled down and found a man but that’s ok. She can live her life the way she wants to as long as she’s happy.We went for a long run/walk. She went about 5 miles with Amanda before they turned around and I continued on my for 9 miles. I hurt something in my leg around mile 7.5 and had to take my first ice bath when I got back. Amanda was very amused at my reaction although I didn’t see what was so funny about it.

We seared a steak for Indy as a special birthday treat. You can see her enjoying it below. If I had a premium subscription to upload videos you could see her inhale the whole thing at the end but alas, poor graduate students can’t afford such luxuries, especially after splurging on a better dinner for the dog than ourselves.

wpid-screenshot_2015-03-23-16-41-41.png wpid-screenshot_2015-03-23-16-40-07.png

After her long walk and delicious dinner she couldn’t fight off the cuddles. I don’t think she would have anyway 🙂

wpid-20150322_221621.jpgI added another picture with me in it too but the angle and lighting aren’t half as good as the first one. Also Indy looks slightly more depressed…. or maybe has a stomach ache from eating a steak whole. Next time we’ll cut it up some for her 🙂

wpid-20150322_221632.jpgUntil next time!

A Crazy Balancing Act

That’s basically grad school, one helluva crazy balancing act. You balance classes, research, sleep, prepping for last min meetings, outreach, professional development, the list goes on and on. Throw training for a half ironman in there and sometimes there’s no helping the circus that ensues.

The key is to remember that it’s ok. Some weeks are more grad school focused and training falls by the wayside. Other weeks, school is a little easier and training can pick up. It’s hard to not get upset by the loss of training time. But you have to remember that, as a grad student, we don’t work a normal 9-5 job. We don’t go home and leave work. It follows you everywhere.

This week, training really fell off. Why? Well there were due dates, and poster sessions, and just grad school. I did what I could in terms of training, but by Friday I was so exhausted I skipped both my workouts and was in bed by 9pm!

At least grand school was super productive! Here’s the progression of the armband I worked on all week




There was one more iteration after this last one but I was making it in a hurry and didn’t get a picture. Btw that last picture was taken at midnight when I had to stay late to work.

I also had a poster session that I was not thrilled about attending.


I was mainly there for the free pineapple. I was that person who stood by the fruit plate for a solid 5 min picking out all the pieces of pineapple and hoarding them like a squirell preparing for winter. Our director of grad studies even stopped by and asked if I had a thing for pineapple. He laughed a bit when I told him it’s usually the first fruit to go so I try to stock up 🙂

Gotta go back to school today for open house so we’ll see what training happens. I’m also typing this on my phone at the hair salon while trying to decide what to do with my hair.

Have a great Saturday!!