November 2015 Highlights

11-09 –

A: Had a reaaaaaalllly long day that ended with a choir rehearsal with the orchestra to prep for our concert on Sunday. Other than that, I mathed with MathCad all. day. long.



I: saw squirrel on porch. Clear force field hit my face. Squirrel escaped. Hate.

L: I AM PUPPY!!!!! *bites everything*

S: physical therapy kicked my butt today. Then it was lab lab lunch lab cancelled meeting lab walking dead

A: Another long day but we are up to season 6 on The Walking Dead now! Also, chicken nuggets and mac&cheese are always the best comfort food


Happy Veterans Day! A huge thank you to everyone who has served!

I: Humpgh. *flops dramatically*

L: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shark bites everything* !!!!!!!!!!

S: more lab work. So much standing… #Frankensteinwalk

A: Ended up spending most of the day at home. Then all the software decided to crash so I took that as a sign and watched HGTV the rest of the day.



I: Outside is great. so many pretty. hate squirrel

L: *barks* OMG I can make noise?!?!? *repeats barking infinitely*

A: Glares at barking dog. Finishes homework at home. Mentally braces for the afternoon by plotting data.


I: Dark thing licks my ear. do not want. Go away

L: *runs around house at top speed*

A: Have an interesting seminar in the books and nothing else! It shall be amazing. Maybe I’ll even get some work done



I: Freedm! No rules! No Alpha! Crazy!

A: Took the dogs to a park and let them roam around and do dog things. Indy got it in her head that she didn’t need to listen to anyone anymore. Drank beer and played battleship at Raleigh Brewing Company


L: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

A: Choir concert! Performed Chichester Psalms with the Raleigh Civic Symphony


A: Long day. Boring tests. Horrific seminar with Webex issues galore. In bed asleep by 8:45

L: Runs through house at top speed

I: Y won’t this dogge leeve me alone?


L: IAMPUPPY!!!!! *does crazy bat impression*

I: OMG another dog MUST GET DOG *runs into Steve’s knee*

A: Adviser liked data from last few weeks. #weekmade #sohappy



L: *slightly drugged from nail clipping extravaganza yesterday*

I: I am the best. No other dog is better than me. I should get all the attention


A: Solid end to a solid week and now I’m ready for a solid nap! Sad to have a take home test that’ll keep me company this weekend.

L: ZOMG shoe?! *bites*

I: short dogs walked in front of door again. bark to let them know hate.