A Change of Plans…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope you guys have some romance and fun plans for the day. We are gonna be living vicariously through everyone else this Valentine’s, since both Steven and Lisa (our lovely roomie) have the flu.


Matt and I are working overtime and chugging Emergen-C to ward off all the nastiness. Hopefully the number of those sick in this house will not increase (crosses fingers)

Steve and I had plans to see Billy Elliot the Musical tonight in Raleigh!

billy eliot

We’ll have to see if that still happens…..

In the meantime, I’m gonna wait for the day to warm up a bit and head out for a run!

What are your V-Day plans this year?

One thought on “A Change of Plans…

  1. Happy Valentines day sweetie❤. Catherine and I plan on counting pills for Honduras mission and then enjoying day without men. Dad and Andrew on camp out. Perfect Valentines day for me

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