Ice Hurdling

Hi everyone!

As of today, I have completed 1 week of training for Raleigh 70.3 (cheers). Here’s a summary of what I did and how it felt.

  • Time Training- 7:08
  • Miles Run – 14.1 mi
  • Miles Biked – 47.8 mi
  • Yards Swam(Swum?) – 3312 yds
  • Trees Hurdled – 3 (6 if you count out and back)
  • Curse Words Invented – approx. 2
  • Netflix watched while on the trainer – ummmm like 9 episodes or something idk
  • Bugs accidentally swallowed – 0!
  • Times I have had to stop in the middle of swimming a lap because my contacts decided that the back of my eyeball was an ideal location – 10

Now let’s break it down by day! This go around, I’m tracking everything using Training Peaks This training plan is based on workout time rather than workout distance. So rather than saying to bike 10 miles, I need to bike for 40 min. Green blocks are planned workouts I’ve completed. The red blocks are mad at me.

week 1

Can you read that?? Neither can I

Lemme break it down for you

Monday –  Rest Day!! WooHoo!! Unfortunately this was like the only decent day to actually work out this entire week….boo.

Tuesday – I did 40 min on the trainer and ended up finishing 9 miles. This was a Z2 workout (Zone 2 of heart rate) so it’s not supposed to be fast. Gotta build endurance and stamina first! I was supposed to swim as well, but this was the first day of snow and the pool was closed.

Wednesday – Long run day. I ran on the snow dammit. Not gonna let a little snow stop me after my run in with the Jesus Geese! Was scheduled for 1:10 of running and got 7.5 miles in during that time. For a long run in the snow, it wasn’t a bad pace 🙂

Thursday – snOMG. Power out. Stuck at home. Decided this would be a good test of my mental fortitude on the bike trainer since Netflix was not available. Was slated for a 1:00 recovery ride. Did about 13.4 miles and read a book in the dark for entertainment. Swimming was obviously out. Stupid roads.

Friday – Run and Swim! Although in hindsight, maybe it’s best to do the swim first. Not that I’d know from personal experience or anything 😉 For my 40 min run, I was able to squeeze in 4.5 miles and then I made a mad dash to the pool and did 2000 yds in 1 hr. Most exciting part of this was NEW RUNNING SHOES!


Here’s a super blurry pic. Yes they are pink/yellow tie-die. Total love. ❤

Saturday – Brick day. Basically long bike immediately followed by a run. I did 25.3 mi on the trainer in 1:40 and then walked out to the melty ice/snow to go for a run in the balmy 25 degree (Farenheit) weather.  Considering the terrifying conditions (i.e. icy greenway and 3 trees that had fallen in my way) I managed to hurdle all the trees without falling on either the tree or the ice and did 2.1 miles in 19 min. It’s the little successes.

Sunday – ‘k well I was supposed to run, but I also had a swim lesson so I decided to skip the run and just swim. Same thing right? I did 1200 meters in about 40 min with a lot of coaching breaks.

Well that’s about it for training this week! I’ll be sure to update the Gear page with my swimming and biking things.



Lazy Mornings

Good morning! I don’t know about you guys, but I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. So I took full advantage of grad student life and slept in a bit.

Yesterday ended up being really busy and productive! I stayed at work pretty late since I wanted to head straight from the office to the pool for a swimming lesson. If you’re anything like me, it’s been since the YMCA swimming lessons when I was ….like 5? since I had a lesson. With training season approaching, there’s no better time than to get your form looked over by a pro.


Note: the pool was definitely not this empty. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen it this empty….

Anyways. Good news is that my form is actually not at the super beginner level I thought it was! Bad news is, I can’t blame my slowness on bad form anymore (sad trombone). Slowness is entirely due to laziness. Sooooo looks like there will be quite a few pool dates in the near future with some speed work.

We worked on a couple drills (Catch up, fingertip drag, pulls, kicks, etc) and I think the total yardage ended up around 600-800? Idk. Totally wasn’t counting.

Steve stopped by and picked me up and we went straight to a Hurricanes game. The Hurricanes are North Carolina’s pro hockey team, fyi. We were waaaaaay up in the nosebleeds this time, but it’s surprisingly easier to follow the game when you can see the puck.




I still have no idea what official hockey rules and regulations are but it sure is fun to watch! Especially when you go with a great group of friends 🙂 Sadly the ‘Canes lost 2-1, but it was still a great time.



Gotta love the photobomb in the back!

See you later!