Race day approacheth

So the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon is on Sunday. This will once again be the longest I’ve ever run which is exciting and terrifying. At least during this run if I collapse then someone will be there to save me.

I’m actually feeling decent about the run except that my ankle has been hurting for a week or so after playing some basketball. I don’t even like basketball, there’s a reason I haven’t played in two decades. My first shot said a lot about how great I am at basketball and it turns out may have been foreshadowing how I’m going to get stuck a couple miles into the race.


Let’s hope I can keep moving and don’t need someone to come knock me loose with a water bottle like the poor basketball ended up needing.

I’m planning my fueling out a little better to avoid the delirious state I found myself in at the end of my ten mile run so hopefully I’ll be aware of where I am and what I’m doing toward the end of the race.

Truth be told I’m a little anxious, a little nervous, a little worried, a little yes I realize those are all just synonyms, and I’m a lot excited! I’ve been training for this for… I guess about 10 weeks. I’ve stuck to my training plan pretty well except for the swine flu week *shudders* and I didn’t do much of my taper because of my ankle hurting.

I just hope our neighborhood dentist mascot makes it out to cheer the racers on. He really brightened my day earlier this week and if I can be half as happy as him at the end of the race then I’ll be doing well 🙂

wpid-20150406_122357.jpgActually I’m pretty sure he’s miserable inside there but putting on a smile for the rest of the world…. which come to think of it might be the case for me after 13.1 miles too. On a more positive note, if I pass out, fall and break my teeth out then he can fix me up 😀

Anyone else racing this weekend?

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