Adventure Time

Good morning and happy Monday!

Usually Mondays are not the greatest, actually they are the wooooorst, but today is super special because STEVE AND I LEAVE ON A 2 WEEK VACAY FOR EUROPE TODAY!!!!!!

My life for the foreseeable future is packed into this color-coordinated carry-on (an actual cute purse is already packed because priorities y’all)


Anywho, here are the deets of where we will be. If anyone has any suggestions for must-do activities, places to eat, etc, then comment and let us know!

  • June 1-2: Travels
  • June 3-5: Budapest, Hungary
  • June  5-7: Prague, Czech Republic
  • June 7-9: Vienna, Austria
  • June 9-12: Berlin, Germany
  • June 12-14: Barcelona, Spain
  • June 14-15: London, UK
  • June 15: Travels

We’ll try to check in with the blog when we can but you can also follow me (@amandaguin54) or Steve (@thievensteven) on Instagram for an overload of pictures of our travels, sorry not sorry.

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