The final push

For all the students out there, we’ve almost made it! The end of the semester is nigh! The only things between us and fleeting freedom is exams, exams, class projects, group projects, and exams <–note the sarcasm here, I’m not actually excited about any of these things

It’s the week of US Thanksgiving (aka The week where everyone seriously questions our sanity as we give thanks and then go kill each other for a TV that’s $50 off). I suppose Thanksgiving week is shorter.

Steven, the dogs and I are foregoing any long drives this year in favor of retreating to a cabin outside Asheville.

Tell me you aren’t relaxed looking at those views. But these are what we’ll be able to see from our cabin!

We are SO excited to get away from everything to completely unwind for a few days.

On a side note, Steve and I had a rather intense round of darts this past weekend and I foresee a rematch in the near future


We’ll be sure to post some pics of the Biltmore house dressed up for Christmas and of the mountain views and of the crazy bat (Luna) enjoying the mountain views

Have a safe and happy week!


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