Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

Hi everyone!

I feel approximately 95% human again after a wicked combination of jet lag and moving in 100+ degree weather struck for the last week and a half.

More recaps of our Europe trip will go up as we wade through 2000! pictures and I can convince Steven to write a few 🙂

Since we’ve been crazy busy the last couple of months (the end is in sight!! -happy dance-) typical things like grocery shopping, working out, Indy attention, binge watching Netflix, and general relaxing have gone out the window. I used to be the type of person who freaked out if I missed a workout no matter what the reason, i.e. working out every day while I was on a cruise. That’s cray y’all.

I haven’t worked out, run, swam, rode a bike, been to the gym, yoga’d, or anything like that since the beginning of May. And of course after eating our way through Europe, I’m not as fit as I like to be.

But it was totally worth it. Partially because I got to eat and drink everything set in front of me without worry. And partially because breaks are super healthy. As in, whatever you do to work out should not feel like another chore on your to-do list.

Now that we’re back and somewhat unpacked, I feel ready to start looking at some short races to sign up for in the upcoming months. I’m also SUPER excited to start working out again! It’s gonna be awesome!

See ya later with (maybe) an Amanda workout!

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