Friday Dance Time

It’s Friday…Friday…gotta get down on Friday (sings to self cause I’m a nerd like that)

Please tell me you guys have some awesome plans for the weekend, because my plans are unpacking and cleaning…ugh. Need to live vicariously through other people this weekend.

In random news, have you ever seen a pineapple plant?


Now you have! The weird part about this is that it is inside the Textiles Engineering building. Pineapple<–>textiles<–>confused Amanda?? Note to everyone in this building though, I TOTALLY CALL THAT PINEAPPLE WHEN IT’S RIPE ENOUGH TO EAT

Workout world wise (yes I’m smiling gleefully at that alliteration) I did a quick 35 min treadmill sesh because I don’t enjoy feeling like death and drowning in sweat while I run. At least my view isn’t bad


I threw some intervals in there while rocking out to the newest Fall Out Boy album (fast pace was a 7:30 min/mile or 8mph and slow was about a 9 min/mile) and got in 3.8 miles


Afterwards, because our gym has a ballet bar and I insist on using it and because stretching is important, I stretched it out in our aerobics room!


Pointed feet are important even if you’re not a ballerina any more 🙂

I’m off to chase down some lunch….

Have a happy Friday!


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