Dog Trauma

Who’s excited for Monday?!?


Yeah. Me neither.

We had a pretty fun weekend mostly spent traumatizing Indy (in the best way, I promise it’s good for her).

We forced her to socialize at the new Raleigh Beer Garden on Friday. They have 366 beers on tap! It’s pretty freakin sweet.


On Saturday, I took her on a super long walk after I ran some hills outside which was a horrible idea in July.

But the best part was Sunday…

Steve and I drove out to Lake Wheeler to test out Indy’s new life jacket! It is totes adorbs. And by that I mean she hates it and it’s hilarious to watch her hate it.



It even comes with handles so we can pick her up like this!wpid-20150726_120006.jpg


We got this for her, because she really likes to swim in the summer to cool off, but she tends to freak out if she can’t touch the bottom of the lake/stream/river. So, this gives her a little extra boost to feel more comfortable in the water.

As with most things though. Indy hated it and was terrified of it at first.


She even ignored fresh salmon!


Just look at that indignant face. That is total sass.

One box of smoked salmon later, she had her longest swim and didn’t need any encouragement to jump in and swim around! #success

To celebrate we hit up the SnoBall stand on the way home  😀



Hope you guys had a great weekend too!

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