What Day Is It?

Happy today!

I’ve been struggling to remember what day it is all day (it’s either Thursday or Friday, but it might also be Monday since it’s so gross outside)

Raleigh is slowly transitioning to our winter weather which is gray skies, wind, and rain. It’s awful! Most activities here involve the outdoors in some way so bad weather gets everyone on edge.

Luckily the North Carolina Museum of Art has an awesome temporary exhibit on M.C. Escher going on!


For those who aren’t familiar, Escher was an artist who liked to f*ck with your mind in multiple dimensions…

Like the never-ending stairs..

Note this and all his other works are copyrighted and I don’t own any rights to these btw.

2D to 3D hands drawing themselves…

and some other dimensional explorations (which I thought were incredible) on how a sphere distorts an image…

There is NO way on this earth that I could draw a circle remotely that perfect even with a stencil/protractor/computer! *seriously impressed and looking stupid with mouth hanging open*

The tickets to this also included admission to see the Codex Leichester, the only original notebook of DaVinci’s located in North America…



Don’t worry if you can’t read the notebook from the Renaissance. It’s mirrored/backwards and in Italian so I can’t read it either.

TBH, I was hoping it’d be a little more exciting than it actually was. Most of the topics covered were on fluid mechanics and the concept of erosion (aka Fluids 101 for engineers)

All in all though, it was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon! Although the dogs weren’t too happy about being cooped up. Oh well 🙂


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