Hi there!

Posting has been a bit sparse lately but that’s because of things! Exciting things, not bad things. One of my best friends, Jenna, came into town last week for a visit!

I was so. excited.



We lived together for 2 years at Mississippi State and both majored in Mechanical engineering so yeah we bonded.We also had team spirit!

(circa 2009?? 2010?)

She now lives in New Orleans so visiting is rare, but that makes it so much more special.

We spent a lot of time actually hanging out in the College of Textiles at NC State cause we are both *cough* nerds *cough* and we like fabric/textiles/and cool things like that. Beyond that most of our time was spent just catching up and hanging out. Which, in my opinion, is the best kind of friend time you can get.

So here are more pictures of us having fun!





Even Steve was allowed to hang out with the girls #privileged

After she left, I took the dogs down to ‘Bama for a triathlon!! Which you shall hear about tomorrow 🙂

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