Wine Snobbery

Hey y’all! We are most definitely in the full swing of things over here in Raleigh!

I’m working on 3 projects right now that all involve broken code on computers <- side note: if anyone sees a computer flying out a window just ignore it. They also involve very complicated lab setup…20160914_142943.jpg

And yes I have to stand on the ladder to reach stuff and do research……really hope standing on lab tables isn’t a safety violation…..

Luna is still a crazy dog bat! We crowned her accordingly 20160902_202039.jpg

Also, we went on a date! (me and Steve not me and Luna although I should do a dog date that sounds fun)

We tried out a relatively new Greek restaurant in Raleigh, Taverna Agora, with an awesome patio! It probably helped that the weather was nice, but the patio was still cool20160903_191259.jpg

Pretty sure this was taken right after I ordered us an appetizer (flaming cheese) and didn’t tell Steve that they would light the cheese on fire at the table 🙂 Needless to say he was in heaven and I had to stab his hand a couple times with my fork to remind him to share.

After our dinner we went to a wine bar, cause we are totally fancy wine snobs. On a grad student budget. Right. Anywho.20160903_203851.jpg

They have awesome art that we snobbily (semi-sarcastically) judged and critiqued and a rather comfortable couch that I would like to take home with me. Don’t worry though, we definitely are not snobs and don’t really fit in at places like this20160903_203925.jpg

Our next date is scheduled and we are going to the ballet!!! I’m only a little excited 🙂


Have a great weekend and ttyl!

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