How will I know when I’m living a passionate life?

Next question! (I’m going through this book to get the questions)

I will  know I’ve found my passion when I’m content. Not a just-ate-an-amazing-brownie content, the kind of content where you are aware of how happy you are. Believe it or not, I almost feel as though I’m already living my passionate life. I’ve love being a student and continually learning. I love having access to the latest technologies. I love having the freedom to use whatever equipment I want, to make whatever I want, to work whenever I want.

Grad school has given me the freedom to relentlessly pursue education. In whatever I want. Didn’t like nanowires? Here, try knitting…. Some days really suck. And, yeah, I wish I was paid more and had something that resembled financial stability. But I’m singing, dancing, learning, creating, building, exploring, explaining, math-ing, problem solving, inventing……everything I want to do!

I guess I’m mostly scared of losing this freedom. I know this, learning and being in a university, is my passion and I know this level of freedom won’t follow me into industry. I could go for a teaching position, but that’s a quest for a later date. Gotta get industry experience first (either by getting a dang job or by making my own job via startup), then I’ll consider getting into academia.

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