Camera Shy

Hi! Happy Monday! (If there is such a thing)

Today’s a bit of a slow day since we’ve got the day ‘off’ for MLK day. We lazed in bed and watched  whole episodes of Dr. Who before actually getting the day started. Well…ok I made coffee for the second episode but that’s just the basics.

Since it’s such a weird great/gorgeous day outside, we went for a run!!



Now, for those of you in the know I think running is kinda awesome. And during my last marathon (City of Oaks), I inconveniently tore my IT band and haven’t run in a couple months. Needless to say, I’ve been a little cooped up and frustrated….sorry Steve.


So I took it short and slow and had NO KNEE PAIN!!! (insert backflip/happy dance). I also got to try out my new heart rate monitor. That’s the number with the heart next to it, aka my Garmin not-so-secretly loves me or has approximately 167 loves.

Indy came on the run with us and had a great time trying, and failing, to catch the squirrels. One day….

We tried to get a picture of how happy she was, but she’s a little camera shy and refuses to look at me when I’m holding my phone. Seriously, she’ll back up to you when you call her. Weirdo. (Note Steve trying to get her to look at me. Oh well)


I’m off to get a little work done since grad school never sleeps. Seriously. It never does.

What are you up to if you have the day off?

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