Happy Ice Day!

Hi everyone! It’s me again, Steve still has swine flu so you’re getting a heavy dose of me this week 😉

Yesterday and today were pretty bah humbug. Our 6 in of snow forecast, which resulted in the university closing (Status 3) at 3pm on Monday, only ended up being 1 in of ice. Solid Ice. Which, had the university at Status 1 for all of today and tomorrow morning.


Status 3 is class cancellation. But Status 1 is the entire university shuts down.

So what did I do?

Like a typical grad student, I took advantage of awesome parking!! Yes. I went to work. Yes I drove on a sheet of ice to get there. Yes it was fine. Yes it was worth it.

The morning was entertaining as Indy, who loves the snow, was trying to figure out how to not fall into the creek as she ran/slid around …


After trying and flailing and failing to get up the driveway (I cheated and went on the grass this morning), Steve and I came in and did what all kiddos do when it get’s wintry out


Hot cocoa is the best!

The rest of the week is filled with questionable weather so we’ll see how school and training play out 🙂

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