Away with you, swine!

I’m slowly recovering from the swine flu. The doc said I should stay home until the day after tomorrow but I might try to do a half day tomorrow if I feel well enough. I’m sick of sitting at home. This has been one of the more miserable sicknesses I’ve had to endure and it just keeps lingering. 1/10, would not recommend. I’ve polished off two big bottles of DayQuil. Wooo, party!

Last night we made some fried tofu stir fry. After days of eating nothing but soup and crackers it was very refreshing.

wpid-20150217_194805.jpgWell, a decent amount of the ice melted today. It seemed like we were going to get a little relief from the winter weather and then it started snowing again. They are big pretty flakes though which is a lot nicer than sleet we were getting. I prefer my weather not to bounce off me. You can kinda see it in front of the green bushes here

wpid-20150218_161218.jpgThat’s about all the material I’ve got. I’ll spare you the details of the flu. We’re making chili for dinner tonight so look forward to hearing about that! Hope everyone has been warm and well!

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