Away with you, swine!

I’m slowly recovering from the swine flu. The doc said I should stay home until the day after tomorrow but I might try to do a half day tomorrow if I feel well enough. I’m sick of sitting at home. This has been one of the more miserable sicknesses I’ve had to endure and it just keeps lingering. 1/10, would not recommend. I’ve polished off two big bottles of DayQuil. Wooo, party!

Last night we made some fried tofu stir fry. After days of eating nothing but soup and crackers it was very refreshing.

wpid-20150217_194805.jpgWell, a decent amount of the ice melted today. It seemed like we were going to get a little relief from the winter weather and then it started snowing again. They are big pretty flakes though which is a lot nicer than sleet we were getting. I prefer my weather not to bounce off me. You can kinda see it in front of the green bushes here

wpid-20150218_161218.jpgThat’s about all the material I’ve got. I’ll spare you the details of the flu. We’re making chili for dinner tonight so look forward to hearing about that! Hope everyone has been warm and well!

Happy Ice Day!

Hi everyone! It’s me again, Steve still has swine flu so you’re getting a heavy dose of me this week 😉

Yesterday and today were pretty bah humbug. Our 6 in of snow forecast, which resulted in the university closing (Status 3) at 3pm on Monday, only ended up being 1 in of ice. Solid Ice. Which, had the university at Status 1 for all of today and tomorrow morning.


Status 3 is class cancellation. But Status 1 is the entire university shuts down.

So what did I do?

Like a typical grad student, I took advantage of awesome parking!! Yes. I went to work. Yes I drove on a sheet of ice to get there. Yes it was fine. Yes it was worth it.

The morning was entertaining as Indy, who loves the snow, was trying to figure out how to not fall into the creek as she ran/slid around …


After trying and flailing and failing to get up the driveway (I cheated and went on the grass this morning), Steve and I came in and did what all kiddos do when it get’s wintry out


Hot cocoa is the best!

The rest of the week is filled with questionable weather so we’ll see how school and training play out 🙂

Sunday Fluday


How ya been? Please tell me you’re not sick. Please. Cause there need to be people right now without the flu. Matt has fallen ill and I am the sole survivor of the Wench household in good health. Pretty sure my immune system is humming along to The Final Countdown…..we shall see just how strong it is!

This morning Steve and I made a quick trip to Urgent Care!


Note how alive and happy he looks ❤

Most of the rest of the day was pretty chill. Rode an hour on the trainer since there was a wind chill of ITSTOOFUCKINGCOLD and did a nice easy spin for 18 miles. Not so much for the workout, but more for getting my butt used to the saddle again.

Indy and I had some quality time outside today with some sticks.


She still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of fetch yet. She’ll grab the stick (if she didn’t lose it) and frantically run around with it in her mouth, and then get excited and drop it and come back to you wondering why you haven’t bothered to get the stick yet. It’s fun!

Tonight was homemade pizza night for me! Since Steve can’t/won’t eat anything other than soup. I re-discovered why he is always in charge of tossing the dough….



I did eventually get it right and topped the crust-without-holes with chicken sausage, mushrooms, onion, and waaaay too much goat cheese.


It wasn’t as good as when Steve helps, but I wasn’t letting him help today since I’m not the biggest fan of acquiring swine flu.

What’s your best remedy for colds/feeling ill?

A Change of Plans…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope you guys have some romance and fun plans for the day. We are gonna be living vicariously through everyone else this Valentine’s, since both Steven and Lisa (our lovely roomie) have the flu.


Matt and I are working overtime and chugging Emergen-C to ward off all the nastiness. Hopefully the number of those sick in this house will not increase (crosses fingers)

Steve and I had plans to see Billy Elliot the Musical tonight in Raleigh!

billy eliot

We’ll have to see if that still happens…..

In the meantime, I’m gonna wait for the day to warm up a bit and head out for a run!

What are your V-Day plans this year?

Lazy Mornings

Good morning! I don’t know about you guys, but I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. So I took full advantage of grad student life and slept in a bit.

Yesterday ended up being really busy and productive! I stayed at work pretty late since I wanted to head straight from the office to the pool for a swimming lesson. If you’re anything like me, it’s been since the YMCA swimming lessons when I was ….like 5? since I had a lesson. With training season approaching, there’s no better time than to get your form looked over by a pro.


Note: the pool was definitely not this empty. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen it this empty….

Anyways. Good news is that my form is actually not at the super beginner level I thought it was! Bad news is, I can’t blame my slowness on bad form anymore (sad trombone). Slowness is entirely due to laziness. Sooooo looks like there will be quite a few pool dates in the near future with some speed work.

We worked on a couple drills (Catch up, fingertip drag, pulls, kicks, etc) and I think the total yardage ended up around 600-800? Idk. Totally wasn’t counting.

Steve stopped by and picked me up and we went straight to a Hurricanes game. The Hurricanes are North Carolina’s pro hockey team, fyi. We were waaaaaay up in the nosebleeds this time, but it’s surprisingly easier to follow the game when you can see the puck.




I still have no idea what official hockey rules and regulations are but it sure is fun to watch! Especially when you go with a great group of friends 🙂 Sadly the ‘Canes lost 2-1, but it was still a great time.



Gotta love the photobomb in the back!

See you later!