A Crazy Balancing Act

That’s basically grad school, one helluva crazy balancing act. You balance classes, research, sleep, prepping for last min meetings, outreach, professional development, the list goes on and on. Throw training for a half ironman in there and sometimes there’s no helping the circus that ensues.

The key is to remember that it’s ok. Some weeks are more grad school focused and training falls by the wayside. Other weeks, school is a little easier and training can pick up. It’s hard to not get upset by the loss of training time. But you have to remember that, as a grad student, we don’t work a normal 9-5 job. We don’t go home and leave work. It follows you everywhere.

This week, training really fell off. Why? Well there were due dates, and poster sessions, and just grad school. I did what I could in terms of training, but by Friday I was so exhausted I skipped both my workouts and was in bed by 9pm!

At least grand school was super productive! Here’s the progression of the armband I worked on all week




There was one more iteration after this last one but I was making it in a hurry and didn’t get a picture. Btw that last picture was taken at midnight when I had to stay late to work.

I also had a poster session that I was not thrilled about attending.


I was mainly there for the free pineapple. I was that person who stood by the fruit plate for a solid 5 min picking out all the pieces of pineapple and hoarding them like a squirell preparing for winter. Our director of grad studies even stopped by and asked if I had a thing for pineapple. He laughed a bit when I told him it’s usually the first fruit to go so I try to stock up 🙂

Gotta go back to school today for open house so we’ll see what training happens. I’m also typing this on my phone at the hair salon while trying to decide what to do with my hair.

Have a great Saturday!!

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