A New Addition

So it’s been pretty quiet over here on the blog but it definitely has been anything but quiet in real life! As of last Friday, we  are now a 12-legged family….



This cutie is Luna! She’s about 11 weeks old right now and is a very exciting addition to the Steve/Amanda household. Indy has adjusted about as well as could be expected….



Especially since she’s Luna’s new favorite chew toy, but overall they really get along well! Indy has taken on the role of “Mama Dog” and is intent on showing Luna what’s what in life. Indy has also taken on the role of treat thief and shameless beggar whenever Luna is around, so we gotta work on that a bit.


In people news, Steve had reconstructive surgery on his ACL that he tore in Prague.  It’s been my job to dispense ice and narcotics at regular intervals for the last week or so.

Since Steve is out of commission (he’s just now starting to hobble around on crutches) puppy wrangling/herding has been my new 24/7 job in addition to my grad school job and my Steve’s caretaker/”responsible adult” job. It’s a lot to take on at once and I haven’t slept much, but every dog and Steve is worth it!

I’m just going to finish off this post with a bunch more pictures of Luna because the world needs more puppy pictures!

She has questionable sleeping techniques…







But she sure is cute! And we can’t wait for her to get old enough to not annoy Indy 😉


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