Thanksgiving Part 2

So yeah, it’s almost a month after Thanksgiving…buuuut imma finish what I started!

Friday night was date night at the Biltmore! For those who don’t know, the Biltmore house is the largest home in the US and was built by the Vanderbilts. It was considered very a advanced home, architecturally and technologically, for its time.

There is also a vineyard on the property and they offer a free wine tasting of all of their 22 wines! Steve and I restrained ourselves to about 7 each since we wanted to stumble actually walk around the house later.

We also had dinner at the pub on the grounds which was delicious. We may or may not have polished off a bottle of vino…..who actually keeps track of these things? And we watched a vivid and beautiful sunset that I did my best to take a picture of, but this does not do it justice…the colors were so intense!


We were able to walk through the house to see the holiday decorations at night which was pretty neat. They don’t allow photography inside the house but I like to live on the wild side and break the rules #thuglife

We felt super fancy with all the live music and ornate decor….although we reverted back to ourselves when we got back outside



The following day we had nothing planned!


We decided to head into town and check out some of the local food and beer scene and wound up at Asheville Brewing


Basically, it was a giant throwback to the 90s and everything Steve loves and he was so happy! We sat in the Star Wars section and had lunch with some questionable individuals…


And pizza!!


We headed over to the pinball museum after drinking beer and eating pizza (the usual college thing) because we are both pretty big fans of pinball and word on the street is you can play unlimited pinball and retro arcade games there for $13


That night we had our last fire 🙂


And Steve was bound and determined to create the perfect smore, at this point I was passed out in bed, but he stole my camera and had a photo shoot with some marshmallows


We left the next morning and came back to chaos!

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