December in a Nutshell

or Nutcracker if you insist on being holiday-themed.

Twas the night before Christmas and finals are over….

Papers turned in, and finally sober…


Ok I forgot how the rest of the story goes, but maybe I’ll finish it over winter break 🙂

Anyways, as aforementioned, finals are over! Undergrads are leaving the campus in droves and parking now exists! This post is just going to be all over the place and that’s cause I haven’t taken a whole lot of pictures lately

Because imma nerd and I like to pretend I’m funny…


Caption: And they say white people have no culture

Hilarious right!?! Are you laughing hysterically yet?? Ummmm yeah ok then.

Steve informed me that he has never experienced having a real Christmas tree for the holidays! So obviously we have to go all out this year and leave our artificial tree in storage. We went to a local Xmas tree farm so we could cut our own tree! In hindsight, this was not the best idea for several reasons 1) we have 2 psychotic dogs 2) Steve is sill recovering from knee surgery 3) small children and psychotic dogs don’t mix

We managed to find Charlie Brown’s tree!


And while we seriously thought about it, I wanted Steve to have the full tree experience so we chose this guy instead


Note: We grossly underestimated the size of our apartment and picked a very fat tree. We can no longer access our office

In the research world I managed to make myself super confused, like usual, and the process of trying to un-confuse myself actually made the situation worse.


Having 4 different math-ing programs open for one problem is totally normal right?? I did eventually figure it out, but I still get kinda confused and am hoping no one asks me about how I found the solution cause I still don’t know.

In the dog world, Luna is getting bigger! And by that we mean she’s still a tiny 20 lbs. She is reaching the stage where she can still slip through the rails on our deck to escape into the wilderness, but her return trip has taken a sudden turn for the worse



*The indignant look on her face kills me 😀

I shall return soon with more of The Night Before Chistmas-University Edition

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