Hi 2016


So we/the blog forgot to post  took a short break over the holidays to catch up with family and chill out 🙂

Happy new year! Are you enjoying your first day back at work yet?

Tbh this is how I feel about the whole work/Monday thing

Steve and I had a terrific end to 2015 with cheering MS State at the Belk Bowl! It poured (seriously it flooded all day) and we started out in NC State territory, but we switched seats and bonded with some other MS State fans. It was awesome getting to ring a cowbell again! Never mind the fact that my forearm was so sore, it took 3 days to hold a drink again…

It was even more awesome since MS State won! Not gonna lie, I was more than a little stoked.

We also did the whole New Year’s party thing. We went downtown (took an Uber there and back so we were safe y’all) to one of the bar/club things and partied our way into the new year! I honestly don’t remember much, but it looks like we had fun!

I do remember the 90s/00s cover band that we had SO much fun rockin’ out to.

Anyways, I’m sure I’ll be back soon since the whole new-year-trying-to-get-my-life-together-thing is still going strong (I even worked out and cooked dinner!!)

See ya later 🙂

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