The Crazy Bat

Luna has been a member of the family for some time now and we’ve watched her body and personality grow! So, we figured it may be fun to do a little insight/flashback into her life 🙂

First, we got her when she was ~8 weeks old. She hardly ate anything for days. Treats included! We were pretty worried about it to be honest. She already loved meeting new people and making new dog friends (didn’t matter what size)


This is from the day we got her! She liked to hide from Indy in Steve’s arms which is just as cute as it sounds 🙂

We quickly learned that she had no shame


at all


But she made up for it with cute and tons. of. energy.


Also she actually started eating! Granted, it was Indy’s adult dog food, but ya know you take what you can get. We also discovered that she is one of the few dogs who does not get completely terrified of the vet. To be fair, our comparison dog literally releases her anal glands at the vet so the bar was set pretty low. (Sorry, TMI)

Anyways, we expected her to get a quite a bit bigger than she actually did…. but we love her anyways.

She was terrified of car rides for the longest time! It only recently clicked that car = park = fun


As her confidence grew, so did her rebellious streak. It’s a good thing Steve and I are stubborn a-holes because she is crazy stubborn! Seriously, she WILL NOT take a bath and WILL NOT go outside when  it’s raining. It’s hilarious actually.

We also learned that we may have accidentally adopted a cat….


Her bed of choice is the top of furniture.

She also resembles a bat…


So we have a cat-bat-dog. With the personality to match!


Here she is sleeping on the ONLY bed she has not destroyed….she worked on this one this morning,


BTW, we got this bed yesterday and she has pretty strong indications of separation anxiety. Even though we crate-trained her, Steve’s surgery had him holed up all day erry day for most of her starting months with us. So she never got truly left alone.

Now we are working on this separation anxiety, teaching her to army crawl, and going over the basics of fetch!

Happy  7 months Luna! (she’s 7 months today btw)

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