Is that cheesy enough?


After a wonderful vacation where Lisa came to visit for a few days we decided we didn’t see each other enough. Can you tell we had a great time?!?


Note that this is not the first time we’ve had this conversation since moving out of the Wench House but we are both rather forgetful and slightly depressed which means nothing gets scheduled

So we have standing dates every Wednesday now! This past one was to go catch Pokemon in Umstead Park……yes I am one of those people #noshame #sorrynotsorry. We had a great time even though it was a steamy 100-ish degrees out (for those who use the metric system this is somewhere in the low 30s) and conquered a gym! Conveniently we are both on the blue team, Team Mystic FTW so we tag-teamed it and were the proud owners of a gym for approximately 2hrs

As I was gingerly stepping around the trail (cause my knee and a dresser got into a fight), I did not take any pictures of our adventure.

Luckily I happened to take some from earlier in the weekimg_2016-07-09-19000542.png

The dogs have really gotten into the whole chasing Pokemon thing if you couldn’t tell 😉


We have also had some issues with a Zubat infestation (does anyone else HATE Zubats??) Luckily I caught this one before he hurt Steve #soproud

After chasing Clefaries for a bit we were all thirsty and stopped off at a local sports bar for some beers  before the daily summer downpour began

It was a great day and even greater that the dogs were TIRED after the adventure


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