Day at Dix

Here in Raleigh we have Dix Park. It’s on an old psychiatric hospital named after Dorthea Dix. (If you are giggling hysterically at this point we should be friends)

We went to a festival there on Sat with the pups to check it out. It was a bad idea. The park was awesome. The people were awesome. The festival vendors and such were awesome. The temperature……not so awesome. 

The heat index was well into the 100s with little to no share at the park. The poor dogs almost had a heat stroke!

Luckily Raleigh is a drinking town. Specifically a beer drinking town. Which means….drum roll…there was a beer tent!!

It was shaded and involved trying some new beers so we took on the challenge of finding the best one while the dogs cooled off (read we poured ice water on their bellies and they freaked out)

Once everyone was cooler and happy we immensely enjoyed the beer tent! Happy dogs = happy owners/dog parents

Luna was still pretty mad about the whole ice-on-the-belly things. Nbd just trying to save your life angry puppy.

To fulfill our duties as beer taster Steve needed an extra hand to make sure no beer was spilled. 

All in all we had a great time and discovered some new and pretty unique beers…

The blueberry citrus wheat was my favorite until I tried the habenero mango cider. It was SO GOOD! It was crisp and refreshing (almost like a good white wine) and had just a bit of kick at the finish for funsies 🙂

All in all we had a great time and plan to go back albeit on a cooler day.


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